Napoleon O’Young  

Supertitious Mountain Blend by Napoleon O’Young

July 2024 - Supertitious Mountain Blend

About the Image(s)

This image is a blend of the mountain taken during blue hour in late April 2024 and the MW is from June 27, 2024 out in the flat desert in Arizona. The MW was captured as the entire arch using about 9 vertical panels and stitched together in PS. Only half of the arch was used here. The two images were blended together as a PS sky replacement process.

The mountain was in a heavily light polluted urban area, probably a Bortle 5 and the MW was taken in a Bortle 3 area.

This genre of night photography has a long learning curve and the post process work is quite extensive specially if the goal is to capture the entire MW Arch in one image.

I hope you have some good constructive criticism for me.


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