Michael Jack, QPSA  

The Bug Lighthouse by Michael Jack, QPSA

July 2024 - The Bug Lighthouse

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This image of the Bug Lighthouse was taken in February this year in Maine.We traveled there for snowy scenes, but the absence of snow and warm temps led to some boring landscapes. The Bug Lighthouse is one of the three lighthouses near Portland. It is obviously not as well known as the iconic Portland Head Lighthouse. There was no color so a conversion to B/W was a no brainer. Taking the shot was challenging because the wind was blowing hard enough that it was difficult to stand, let alone shoot.

Canon 5R, ISO 800, 40mm, f14, 1/250 sec

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Larry Treadwell   Larry Treadwell
Submitting this in monochrome is genius. It just seems to fit perfectly in monochrome. The curved leading line make a grand entry to the scene and the love the nonde clouds with what seems to be a blur. The position of the lighthouse fence so it does not break the above the treeline is well thought out. The brightness of the lighthouse really draws the eye and is a most dominant and impactful subject.   Posted: 07/09/2024 13:20:31


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