Elaine Miller  

Succulent by Elaine Miller

July 2024 - Succulent

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Taken a couple of years ago. I enjoy shooting plants and flowers inside and outside my home.
ISO 100, f10, 20 seconds, 100mm Macro lens.

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Bob Legg   Bob Legg
A beautiful image Elaine. I Love how you captured the backlit hairs on each leaf and the colors are natural. I might of tried using the Ps/LsC remove tool to remove gray/whitish spots at 2:10 and 2:20 o'clock on the image.   Posted: 07/08/2024 14:00:51
Elaine Miller
Good idea. I hadn't noticed them, but they are obvious now that I have! Thank you.   Posted: 07/08/2024 15:25:19

Gunter Haibach   Gunter Haibach
A nicely created close up. Sharp and nicely exposed. As Bob has mentioned, a little clean up work would make an overall improvement, including the rim of the pot. One other thing, that I also wrestle with, is to how much cropping to do to an image. Have adopted the rule not to cut off just the tips of a flower/plant, but rather show all the tips and a bit of canvass, or crop a bit tighter than just the tips - personal taste.   Posted: 07/10/2024 16:10:19

Tim Sanders   Tim Sanders
Really nice lighting emphasising the centre of the plant, dropping off naturally around the outer edges. I am usually in Gunter's school of thought about cutting off the tips but in this instance I find your crop pleasing.   Posted: 07/10/2024 16:55:06


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