Steve Long  

Batter Up by Steve Long

July 2024 - Batter Up

About the Image(s)

Our little local camera club has been tasked with providing images for the summer Parks & Rec. programs. What I like is that it encourages me to shoot out of my comfort zone. Also, we get “press passes” that allow us to get on the field, a perk for photographers. I love the community spirit at these games.
I choose this image to get y’all’s opinion on composition. This was shot through the fence behind home plate. I purposely choose a small aperture to focus the attention on the batter, but does it work? Should the pitcher be in focus as well? I have more games coming up to try different techniques.
As far as post processing goes, I usually don’t do a great deal since I can come home with over a 1000 images(a lot of swings and misses). In this image, I choose to select the batter in LRc and brighten her up a bit. A square crop just seemed to work as I gravitate toward tight crops for action.


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