Eric Schweitzer  

Point Reyes Lighthouse by Eric Schweitzer

September 2023 - Point Reyes Lighthouse

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Point Reyes Lighthouse is in Point Reyes National Seashore. We were there last July on a typically foggy day. I took it
from an observation deck at the top of the 130 steeps down to the light. In post, I cropped significantly, made my usual basic, tone, white balance, profile and sharpening adjustment. I also did some dodging and burning to improve the depth of the image. Point Reyes is an interesting park and should not be missed if you are in the vicinity.

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Bollin Millner   Bollin Millner
Love this photograpgh. Can you say a bit more about the "dodging and burning" you did? I am interested in learning more about how to improve depth.   Posted: 09/10/2023 17:31:12
Eric Schweitzer   Eric Schweitzer
In the past I manly used presets for dodging and burning. You can make your own or download ones from photo educators. Matt Kloskowski has presets on his website which may be free. Recently, I saw a video, which I cannot find, on using the masking feature in Lightroom. The idea is to add depth by using different masks to dodge and burn. For this image after I had done my basic editing and cropping, I added 3 masks. 1) a linear gradient mask to darken the sea above the lighthouse; 2) A radial gradient to select the buildings and the immediate area around them and lightened them so they stand out more; and 3) invert the radial gradient and darken the area around the buildings A more precise way to add a vignette.   Posted: 09/20/2023 10:30:43

Ruth Holt   Ruth Holt
Hi, Eric, A beautiful picture. Good DOF (I'd like to know what you did with the depth also). The white caps add movement and the people watching the water seem to be enjoying it. Good color and sharpness. Did you really mean 130 steps down? Reckon that means 130 steps back up....
  Posted: 09/20/2023 08:51:25
Eric Schweitzer   Eric Schweitzer
Hi Ruth, I am glad you liked my image. The Point Reyes National Seashore is a very interesting place. I responded to Bollin on what I did with dodging and burning. As for the steps, yes there are 130 and the number does not change for the return.   Posted: 09/20/2023 10:37:54


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