Julia Parrish  

Cockspur Lighthouse by Julia Parrish

July 2024 - Cockspur Lighthouse

July 2024 - Julia Parrish


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I started seeing photos that used the Adamski Effect and was really impressed with the look. I Googled how to do it and found a lot of YouTube videos explaining the process. I tried it using Photoshop and this was my 1st attempt. I really like the look and have tried it on several others. If you are not familiar, it is an effect created by Josh Adamski who is a photographer living in Tel Aviv and London. He's on Facebook so you can follow him and see his work.

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Richard Stauber   Richard Stauber
Julia, you did it again!! Introduced me to another technique and this one I really like because it is relatively easy to accomplish. I found general directions to use this technique and gave it try - I'm happy with my result.

Your original photo of the lighthouse is very good to begin with but the Adamski effect makes it more interesting. Not a hard fast rule, but I usually try to make a landscape photograph with either more sky than land/water or vice versa. But not 50/50 as it is with your shot. However, to include the lighthouse shadow and give it headroom you really need to do as you have and I like the photo a lot, Good job!   Posted: 07/11/2024 15:46:08


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