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Pears Mill by Peggy Reeder

July 2024 - Pears Mill

July 2024 - Peggy Reeder


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This is an image of the old Pears Mill in Buchanan, Michigan. Because of the bright late afternoon lighting, I decided to bracket my shots, so this finished photo is a 3 image HDR. My original shown here is the middle shot of the three. I did a little toning in Lightroom and then took it into Color Efex Pro. I used the Film Efex: Vintage filter in Color Efex, and that made a big difference in the overall look of the image - especially the sharpness and color tone. Then I cropped it to draw the eye in to the waterwheel and creek.

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Mike Patterson   Mike Patterson
Great job of processing this image. You warmed up the scene from the drab original picture, and did a perfect job of cropping, especially removing that object in the foreground. Everything was sharp and in focus. Looking around the scene, looks like you could have fun shooting some additional images, especially by focusing on different elements, such as the waterfall, and great big wheel.   Posted: 07/01/2024 19:38:20


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