Barbara Mallon  

Summer Rain in Santa Barbara by Barbara Mallon

September 2023 - Summer Rain in Santa Barbara

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I headed out to the Botanic Garden during a rare summer Rain in Santa Barbara. I took wet wildflower Photos. This is my favorite. I used topaz photo AI to get rid of noise and sharpen. Although the depth of field left some drops not quite sharp, I sharpened those with the sharpen-blurr tool in Photoshop. Taken with a canon L 100-400 lens on a digital rebel 7ti. F8 and auto ISO.

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Judith Flacke   Judith Flacke
Another lovely image but I wondered what could be done to make it a bit different... So I desaturated the green a bit and overlaid a completely white layer put at 60% opacity, and removed the white over the main flower by means of a mask. Just softer and more emphasis on the main bloom and the gorgeous raindrops?   Posted: 09/08/2023 04:52:29
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Paul Bradley   Paul Bradley
I like the pastel colors, beautiful depth of field, blurred background with reflective water droplets. I would try using the remove tool and remove the black dots in the flower and replace them with the dodge and burn tools on the edges and veins.   Posted: 09/11/2023 10:12:11
Barbara Mallon   Barbara Mallon
The black dots are mostly reflections in the water drops. I like the concept Judith suggested. It has won in the way shown as a nature image.. I may try it as another idea in a different category. Thank you!   Posted: 09/24/2023 16:15:28

Tom McCreary   Tom McCreary
The flower is sharp, with a nicely blurred background. The water droplets really add to the image. I am not sure if a lighter background as Judith is showing is the way to go, but it is an interesting alternative.   Posted: 09/11/2023 15:45:25

Gaetan Manuel   Gaetan Manuel
There are some black dots on the flower. This could have been removed in PS. Also, there is another flower in the top center, which although blurred, acts as a distraction. Good depth of field. The water droplets add more punch to the photo.   Posted: 09/12/2023 00:46:07

Rich Sears   Rich Sears
Fine image Barbara, even the hairs on the plant are in focus, color contrast, leading lines from bottom, nice bokeh in background, attracts viewer right to your subject.   Posted: 09/13/2023 16:29:34