Barbara Mallon  

Aria from Madam Butterfly by Barbara Mallon

October 2021 - Aria from Madam Butterfly

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Livermore Valley Opera’s "Celebration" that they can do Live Performances again. They had the orchestra on stage and the singers sang arias from various operas. I am the opera photographer. This time I had to take photos during the performance so I was stuck in the cheap seats. This photo was taken at ISO 6400 and Topaz sharpener AI did a great job in getting rid of noise and sharpening it! This was taken with a Canon Digital Rebel 7TI and a consumer 28 to 125 lens! Shutter speed was 1/80th second and f stop 5.6. Some photos were acceptable at 1/25th second. Yes, some opera singers are over weight!

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Tom McCreary   Tom McCreary
The image is plenty sharp. The lighting and contrast are very good. I would crop off at least the bald head on the far right, and probably the woman on right. That would make the woman singing the main point of interest. I like her singing and using her hands.   Posted: 10/14/2021 10:35:28


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