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“Screaming Pink" by Mo Devlin

July 2024 - “Screaming Pink"

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I don't remember the name of this particular flower. I was concerned that petals wouldn't freeze well. They were a little fleshy, which means they hold more water than the average petal. I did a few things to address this. First, I froze it in a Pyrex bowl rather than stainless. My experience is that the Pyrex releases the ice quicker and with fewer heat cracks. Second was that I didn't completely fill the bowl as usual. Instead, I filled it halfway. This expedited a quicker freeze, limiting the amount of clouding from any excess minerals of liquid.
Lighting is really key with ALL of my photography. I used three very large speedlights pointed at the ice "puck" (yeah, I coined that phrase) different directions The effect in the first photo was because of a very high amount of directional light positioned about five inches from the back. To give you an idea, if the intensity of the light for the other two lights was one, the backlight was a three. I couldn't think of a better name. I thought that the ice looks like its violently expelling the flower, giving it a bit of motion feel.”

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Murphy Hektner   Murphy Hektner
Hi Moe: Another creative ice picture executed very well. In reading your text it is apparent to me you have done a lot of experimentation in fine tuning this procedure. These creative ice pictures are created with a lot of artistry. There could be a very few other photographers that attempt this, however I really doubt they would use the same techniques you employ.   Posted: 07/07/2024 00:24:33

Mo Devlin   Mo Devlin
Thanks Murphy. I've said often that I love photography that requires a process. With the frozen flowers I have to be both a florist and a chemist long before I'm the photographer and artist. Knowing a little something about first two only makes the last two easier.I've seen and probably motivated some other photographers that have produced some wonderful photos and even refined the art with their own style. I've been asked why I continue to give away the secret sauce on the how-too's of freezing flowers. My answer has always been, why not? I love talking about it as much or more than I love doing it. I appreciate the kind remarks. Let me ask...what's your thoughts specifically on the "high key" lighting approach?   Posted: 07/08/2024 08:30:57


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