Signe Emmerich, HonPSA, EPSA  

Azalea Hedge and Couple by Signe Emmerich, HonPSA, EPSA

June 2022 - Azalea Hedge and Couple

June 2022 - Signe Emmerich, HonPSA, EPSA


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This image was taken in a Tokyo park a few years ago. I loved the leading lines of the azalea hedge, irises, and stones to the wedding couple. The couple was posing for their wedding photographer and I took advantage of the posing.

I have a feeling the front part of the hedge has a window problem but I just can't see it. Is there a way to know when I can't see it? For the image, I brought down some of the highlights and added a little contrast and vibrance.

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Steve Wessing   Steve Wessing
The window looks perfect to me. Good depth and color. In SPM, open the easy adjustment tab. You will see an anaglyph. When you use the slider at the top, you can adjust the anaglyph until the image looks correct. As you adjust it, you will see the point where the red and blue edges change from one side to another. That point is where your window is. When all of the red is on one side, and all the blue is on the other, and the closet objects have almost no edge color, your image is set in the window.   Posted: 06/10/2022 14:24:37
Signe Emmerich   Signe Emmerich
I have looked at a couple of other images where I wasn't sure of the window. On one of them, the right side looked like it needed to be aligned but the left didn't. When I adjusted the right it seems that then affected the left, although it was hard to tell. Should I not worry about the left...or is there a happy medium?   Posted: 06/20/2022 18:41:28

David Allen   David Allen
Steve's comment about how to tell if an image is at the window is right. I like the depth and the point of view ending at the couple generated by the hedge, rocks and grass. Well done.   Posted: 06/12/2022 22:57:54

Barry Rothstein   Barry Rothstein
Nice intricate, interesting image with lots of depth   Posted: 06/17/2022 17:51:40

Dr V G Mohanan Nair   Dr V G Mohanan Nair
Nice stereo with lot of items to see. The curved hedge looks beautiful and leads to the couple. A little turn of the camera to right would have made the hedge continous. As Steve mentioned, I too adjust window by using "Esay adjustment" tab of SPM with red-cyan glass.   Posted: 06/19/2022 04:38:40
Signe Emmerich   Signe Emmerich
Yes, I agree about having included a little more of the right edge to have the pink hedge be continuous. I had thought of that well after we left the park and when I could look at the image in better conditions. C'est la vie.   Posted: 06/20/2022 18:26:52

Brian Davis   Brian Davis
A lovely record of your trip to Japan and it does say japan to me. When we were there our hosts arranged for us to have on some of that traditional gear and it is very heavy. People hire it by the half day to walk around in it and it costs several hundred of dollars a time   Posted: 06/24/2022 15:24:58