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Teddy - Morning Walk by Jamie Cuaresma

July 2024 - Teddy - Morning Walk

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Here is my first submission.

Title: Teddy - Morning Walk
Camera: Canon EOS R50
Lens: Cannon EF 75-300 (F4 -5.6)
Using: 75 mm / F5.6
ISO 100
Edits: LightRoom HDR and a few small color touch ups.
Note: I chose this photo because I love the natures morning highlights on the dry grass and how Teddy (my neighbor’s dog) is looking ever forward to his long walk in nature.

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Tim Kemp
Hi Jamie, welcome to the group! Dogs make any photo look better! It's challenging to get detail in a black dog in a high dynamic range environment. Some suggestions - in general, try getting the camera down to (or below!) the dog's level; if possible, perhaps increase the exposure to capture a little more detail in Teddy's coat and recover the highlights in the background in post. For me, the main features of the photo are Teddy & the glowing grass, so I'd consider cropping quite a bit from the top of the frame. Remove the collar if possible (either at photo time or in post). Use the adjustment masks in LR to selectively bring out some details in Teddy/ darken the foreground/ tone the background. As the grass is the brightest aspect of the image, Teddy tends to get a little lost in the shadows. To help Teddy stand out, perhaps try the Lens Blur panel in LR to blur the background (bright features in an image attract the eye, but so do features that are relatively sharper).   Posted: 07/02/2024 22:20:17
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Jamie Cuaresma
Hi Tim,
Thank you for warm welcome and suggestions. They make sense. I can see how Teddy gets a little lost in the photo. Yes, my eye does wander off to the beautiful golden grass. I'll look for Lens Blur in LR. Thanks again. Jamie   Posted: 07/03/2024 19:38:13

Dean Ginther   Dean Ginther
Is that lens flare in the upper right of the image? Or some type of chromatic aberration? In any case, it's an interesting effect; looks like the tree is on fire.   Posted: 07/08/2024 09:00:20
Jamie Cuaresma
Yes, I believe it would be lens flare. I didn't bring along my lens hood that morning, so I got the glare.
:)   Posted: 07/09/2024 19:02:55


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