Mary Hinsen, BPSA  

Conversation by Mary Hinsen, BPSA

July 2024 - Conversation

July 2024 - Mary Hinsen, BPSA


About the Image(s)

This month's image is one I took a couple of months ago in Melbourne, Australia. I loved these two birds, having a conversation over their snack and decided to get up close to them. I acted fast, so settings weren't perfect - but I got the shot. Settings were 223mm, 1/250sec, f/6.3, ISO800.

When I opened up in Photoshop, I found I quite liked it as it was, so didn't do much processing at all. The only thing I did was to lightly sharpen the eyes and add a gradient, to lighten the foreground and darken the background slightly. I felt the mostly white birds got lost in the bright colour of the grass, so wanted to soften that a little.


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