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Swallows by Lisa Cuchara

July 2024 - Swallows

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This was taken using pro-capture.
The swallow was sitting on the branch, and I knew that it would take off eventually. Using my OM SYSTEM OM1 mark ii camera I engaged the pro-capture (full sized RAW files) technology and waited. Pro-capture keeps placing images into memory, as you half press the shutter, and only writes to the card when you press the shutter, at that time writing both the images of the past, as well as the current and future. It is a wonderful technology that OM SYSTEM/Olympus has had for over ten eyars and I just love it for unpredictable behavior, especially birds. It is a game changer for action images.
In this case I then composited five of the images in PS using selct subject and masking.

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Maria Mazo   Maria Mazo
Hi Lisa, what a fantastic capture! I agree with you that this technology is great and allows you to capture all the important action moments. You have compose your image making it interesting and showing all the trajectory of the bird. The colours of the swallow are beautiful, and the nice green blurred background doesn't interfere, creating a nice separation.
My only suggestion is about a slight line in the lower part resulting from the image blending, which is easy to remove in the layer mask.

  Posted: 07/12/2024 04:52:13

Ted Evans   Ted Evans
Hi Lisa,
What a great technique to capture this panorama of the Swallow in flight. I appreciate the emphasis of the primaries and secondaries and the overall gracefulness of flight. The bokeh is a great attribute along with the tree. This is a great subject to study.   Posted: 07/12/2024 07:44:41

Deborah Stewart   Deborah Stewart
Lisa, I think that is fantastic also. Beautiful photo.   Posted: 07/17/2024 20:52:23


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