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Common Grackle by Xiao Cai

July 2024 - Common Grackle

July 2024 - Xiao Cai


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Description: This photo was taken on 4/10/2024. The Grackle is a widespread black bird and many people don't like it. However, in this photo, I like the bird pose and environment. In post-work, I mainly focus on lighting and color tone. What do you think? Welcome any comments and suggestions. Thanks!

Camera: Nickon D850, Lens: 500mm, Exposure: 1/3200 sec at f/8.0, ISO: 8000

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Ted Evans   Ted Evans

Even though some farmers are not great fans of the Grackle, I feel that the bird's unique iridescent coloring make it a great subject to study through photography. I like the pose on the branch, showing the pale eye. I don't think the foreground flora is too distracting, as it frames the image a little. However, it may have been too difficult to get to a better angle and not lose the shot. The image itself is very sharp and the bokeh is great.   Posted: 07/08/2024 11:30:11

Maria Mazo   Maria Mazo
Hi Xiao, this is another of your excellent images. I like the way that you have isolated the bird from the background, using just the right amount of blur to retain a natural look. The bird's pose, with its iridescent colours, captures all the attention.
The composition is well balanced, with the bird and the branch complementing each other.

  Posted: 07/12/2024 23:27:53


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