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Back and collar by Manel Puigcerver

July 2024 - Back and collar

July 2024 - Manel Puigcerver


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To begin with, this is the first photo I share with you in this group of discussion, so I beg your pardon if I make some mistakes or if I misinterpret the rules of this group. What I always try to do in my pictures is to persevere in the attempt to recover the pure exaltation of human beauty, and this case is not an exception.
Technically, this pic was taken in studio, with one flash with a strip placed horizontally behind the model and in front of the photographer. For the capture, I used a Fujifilm GFX 100 S camera with a 32-64 mm GF lens (f 10, 1/80 s and 400 ISO) without tripod.
I am passionate about low key, with their characteristic shadows and few light, which confer the pic very interesting volumes and a “chiaroscuro” effect. In this case, I tried to play with the shapes of the back of a model and I used a necklace as an accessory placed in a different way as usual, to emphasize the curves of her body.
Regarding my processing flow, I used Capture One for general adjustments; next, I used Photoshop to reframe the capture, to slightly change the shape of the back and to remove the flash window of the background. Then, I selectively applied some Nik Color Efex filters (pro contrast, detail extractor, tonal contrast and paper toner) and used luminosity masks from Tony Kuyper panel to avoid an excess of bright or too dense shadows. Finally, I used dodge and burn technique to enhance lights and shadows where it was needed and used frequency separation to improve the sharpness of the photo. And that is all, I am glad to read your comments.

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Diana Magor   Diana Magor
Well, I'm going to start off the comments this month. Welcome to Manel and his very different style of photography! I love this kind of photo but have never managed to do anything like it. I've only ever done one nude workshop, where I wasn't in charge of the lighting and it was high key rather than low key, so I am interested in this effect you have produced. You say you used a flash behind and in front of the model but then you say you had a strip. Does this mean a strip flash or a reflector? The original shows a large bright area which I assumed was a softbox round the flash.
I really like the resulting curves of the body and the tight crop, but I am not so sure about the necklace running the full length. It seems to draw my attention too much , away from the body textures. I love the mottled effect of her skin. I like the symmetry of the body shape.

Would it be improved with a white line round the whole photo to delimit the edges? Your processing techniques sound quite complex although I can't see much difference between the original and the final image. Maybe this would show up more with a larger projection.

All in all, a beautiful image!

Looking at a larger projection after I'd written my comment, I found an odd dark curving line below the middle of her back. It loops down and then back up, circling round a dark area. I'm not sure where it has come from -did you clone out or darken a bright area which then didn't tone in with the rest of the tonal range?   Posted: 07/06/2024 06:13:13


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