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Hatusas ramparts by Stephen Levitas

July 2024 - Hatusas ramparts

July 2024 - Stephen Levitas


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Title: Hatusas Ramparts

This is recovered from an old slide I shot in the 70s, on my first tour of Turkey with my wife.

This image shows the ramparts below the so-called Lion Gate entrance to the ancient Hittite capital, from the third century BCE. A small section of the ramparts is not completely excavated, but is covered by grass and scrub. When first found, this area appeared to be an innocuous hillside covered with grass. Only after a bit of test digging did archeologists realize that the entire hillside was actually a built rampart.

After converting to monochrome, I did as much sharpening as the image would tolerate without looking over-sharpened.

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Diana Magor   Diana Magor
First, can you tell me how you converted the slide to digi, please. I am looking at all my old slides and thinking I need to convert some for my children and then throw the rest away, but I want to do a good conversion.

The ramparts look interesting and it is always good when archaeologists find something new. Think of the amount of labour involved in constructing this when there were no JCBs, though the cost of slave labour was cheap! It is a pity that you can't recover more in the sky and that the top of the pyramid shape is so close to the top edge, but that is something you can't do much about now.

I think the conversion from a slide has worked well, though there are still overdark shadows, due partly to the original contrast and partly due to the strong sunshine.

The sharpening level is fine.   Posted: 07/06/2024 06:32:12


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