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Watch your Back! by Jon Joyce

July 2024 - Watch your Back!

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I shot this picture a few years ago in Florida. I was so concentrating on shooting the egret that I failed to notice the alligator until much later, when I was post processing the shot. The bird continued to work its way around the pond and apparently managed to pass the alligator at a time when it was not hungry. As is evident, I took this picture when the sun was quite low in the sky, and generated a great deal of glare. I had some difficulties in trying to reduce the glare, and as I can see, was not entirely successful.

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Mark Lachance   Mark Lachance
I like the image but it looks grainy, did you sharpen it at all?   Posted: 07/10/2024 07:47:05

Dorinda Wills   Dorinda Wills
Predator and prey, but not today. I agree it is grainy. I tried to remove some noise in Topaz AI, but not entirely successful. I also used a preset in LR. Just a little different look. I cropped a little off the top of the image.   Posted: 07/10/2024 19:20:25
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