Leonid Shectman  

Portrait by Leonid Shectman

July 2024 - Portrait

July 2024 - Leonid Shectman


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This picture was taking in Santa Monica California during my walk. The original picture is also attached. I Changed and created this portrait on PS.

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Dorinda Wills   Dorinda Wills
I find this to be a very interesting portrait of this gentleman. I do like your crop and the way you have dealt with the background, making it almost but not quite completely black. I see that you have lightened and brightened his eyes. I would still like to see the shadow on his face lightened a little bit more. Not a lot, just so we can see his face better. Also, somehow, you have gotten a couple of black dots on his sleeve. I don't think they were on the original. I would remove them.   Posted: 07/09/2024 18:34:48

Mark Lachance   Mark Lachance
I agree with Dorinda that the shadow on his face and the dots on his sleeve are a little distracting.   Posted: 07/10/2024 07:49:46


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