Jon Allanson  

Pink Lily by Jon Allanson

September 2023 - Pink Lily

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For several years now I have grown some lilies in my garden which I then use in photographs. Unfortunately this year all the flowers opened whilst I was away from home, so I had to buy a bunch to photograph in the local supermarket.
I took the opportunity to experiment with my medium format GFX50 sit body and 63mm f2,8 lens for close up work and the possibility of using it for some natural history images. This image was created from a stack 10 RAW images all at â…› sec, f16 ISO 400 using natural light. To create the stack I set up the camera on a tripod and set single point focusing. I then moved the focusing dot around/ through the image, starting at a point closes to the camera and finished at a point furthest from the camera. The Image stack was taken into Photoshop and used the Photoshop stacking process. I then applied the ‘stamp’ tool to make an appropriate sized file to make final adjustments - a curves layer to increase the brightness and some selective High Pass to increase the detail.

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Renee Schaefer   Renee Schaefer
I really like this image, but I would like to see more of the stem. As it is it gives me the feeling that it is just floating in space.
Jon, I will be in the UK next week. I will be on a tour starting in London and ending in Glasgow, Scotland. If you are anywhere near London, Bath or Liverpool, it would be fun to try to meet up. My tour starts on Sept 9 and I will be in England until Sept 14 and then on to Scotland for the second week. Any favorite places to take photos in those areas?   Posted: 09/02/2023 22:19:54

Brad Ashbrook   Brad Ashbrook
The detail is wonderful and sharp from front to back, the stacking worked very nicely. The colors are also really nice, spot on! I know used a lot, not a huge fan of totally black backgrounds, it looks like it floating which doesn't seem natural.   Posted: 09/18/2023 11:14:53

Becca Cambridge   Becca Cambridge
Love the stacking. Beautiful flower.
Did the stem move too much to make a successful stack?
A stem would anchor the flower. Another suggestion might be to put a very subtle textured background layer.
It's a beautifully captured lily with sharp petals and stamens.
  Posted: 09/18/2023 12:44:26


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