Terry Campanella  

Tulips  by Terry Campanella

July 2024 - Tulips

July 2024 - Terry Campanella


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Taken with my Nikon D 5200 on Manual Mode, Lens 55-200; Focal Length 105mm, Speed 1/640 sec., F/5.6, ISO 500. I totally struggled with this image in Post Processing. I wanted the “focus tulip” to stand out as well as fit with the overall feel of the image. I finally ended up de-saturating the colors and then increasing the saturation on the focus tulip. Does the image come across cohesive? Does the composition work?

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Dr V G Mohanan Nair   Dr V G Mohanan Nair
Nice composition. The leaves look un-natural due to desaturation. I liked the original image more with complementary colors, but needs trimming to remove the yellow patch on the left side.   Posted: 07/08/2024 09:52:44

Walter Naumann   Walter Naumann
There is more in the cropped than the uncropped version. Not bad but curious.

I like you plan to desaturate the leaves, but I think you went too far.

An option would be to crop more emphasizing the center of interest of interest flower.   Posted: 07/08/2024 17:41:28


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