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Austin Public Library by Joan Funk

July 2024 - Austin Public Library

July 2024 - Joan Funk


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When we were in Austin, Texas in May, we took a tour of the city. One of the highlights of the tour was the beautiful Central Library, with its rooftop butterfly garden and reading porches. It was designed to be the most day-lit public library in the country, with a six-story atrium providing daylight to more than 80% of the most-used spaces.

I took this photo from the top of the stairs in the atrium with my Sony rx10 camera. The settings were 1/125 sec at f/7.1, ISO 250.

I cropped it and corrected the vertical perspective in the Transform section of Lightroom, and then increased the exposure and shadows, and decreased the highlights a little. Finally I sent the photo to Topaz DeNoise to decrease noise and increase sharpness.

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Dr V G Mohanan Nair   Dr V G Mohanan Nair
Interesting image. I liked your post processing. The image is sharp. It has nice colors and prespective correction is perfect. I think you can increase the contrast and vibrance a little more. A quick trial attached.   Posted: 07/08/2024 08:46:53
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Walter Naumann   Walter Naumann
Good colorful image and good to crop out the upper distractions, perspective crop, but leaving the people below for context. Perfect.   Posted: 07/08/2024 17:23:42


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