Dr V G Mohanan Nair, APSA, QPSA  

Legong Dancer from Bali by Dr V G Mohanan Nair, APSA, QPSA

September 2023 - Legong Dancer from Bali

September 2023 - Dr V G Mohanan Nair, APSA, QPSA


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Legong is a form of Balinese dance. It is a refined dance form characterized by intricate finger movements, complicated footwork, and expressive gestures and facial expressions. Here we can see the angry face. This image was shot during my visit to Bali during the first week of August, 2023. Camera Cnon EOS R5, ISO-200. shutter speed 1/1250, f/6.3 188 mm zoom with center weighted average metering mode. Did not do much editing. Burned some bright spots in the shadow area, increased a little vibrance and trimmed a little from left and right side before adding a thin white border.

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Walter Naumann   Walter Naumann
Good pose of a colorful costume and a beautiful girl. Hard to improve on it. Darkening the upper right background is an idea   Posted: 09/09/2023 12:54:46

Terry Campanella   Terry Campanella
This image definitely has the "WOW" factor. Beautiful capture of the dancer's facial expression and hand movements. Your settings were perfect! The catch lights in her eyes help get her anger across to the viewer. The detail of her costume gives us a sense of the culture. I would suggest darken the background golds and blues just a bit more. I think is would allow the dancer to pop a bit more.   Posted: 09/11/2023 09:14:49

Darlene Elwin   Darlene Elwin
Beautiful dancer, beautiful shot! Great detail. I agree with the comment to darken the background even more. The colors in the costume are vibrant without being over-saturated.   Posted: 09/15/2023 01:33:02

Bogdan Bricelj   Bogdan Bricelj
Interesting face expression and costume. Very sharp photo. I would darken the upper left edge of background.   Posted: 09/17/2023 15:46:41

Renee Nalley   Renee Nalley
Very sharp, it allows the viewer to know that the dancer is the subject of the photo. The bright spot on the left side is a bit distracting, and maybe take the highlights down a bit.   Posted: 09/19/2023 14:52:48


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