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Post-Apocalyptic Scene by Tom Brassil

August 2022 - Post-Apocalyptic Scene

August 2022 - Tom Brassil


About the Image(s)

The image is from a shoot at an old partially deserted squatter's camp in the sand dunes on the coast.

24mm for 1/80th second with iso 250 at F11 manual mode and spot metering (why spot metering for this I don’t remember but seems a strange choice)

For the image, with the original being flat and not very interesting, for a bit of fun, I attempted to achieve a post-apocalyptic scene in Photoshop. Mainly colour overlays, together with adding a bit of texture and noise. The highlight points on the dune are achieved with a curve layer and masking in the areas of light.

Thanks for viewing, looking forward to your comments

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Gregory Waldron   Gregory Waldron
Hi Tom,
A very clever transition to a post-apocalyptic scene. It looks like something out of a good sci-fi movie.
Best regards,
Greg   Posted: 08/07/2022 19:27:06
Tom Brassil   Tom Brassil
Thank you very much Greg   Posted: 08/14/2022 19:13:40

Ingrid Lockhart   Ingrid Lockhart
Your treatment of this image does make it appear apocalyptic and I expect to see some bizarre creature or vehicle enter the frame at any minute. I think the color tints you selected are effective and the glow around the sun (moon?) adds to the atmosphere. Although I don't think I'd want to have this hanging in my home, it would be a great illustration for a sci-fi story!   Posted: 08/14/2022 13:06:47
Tom Brassil   Tom Brassil
Thank you very much Ingrid   Posted: 08/14/2022 19:14:18

Darcy Johnson   Darcy Johnson
Hi Tom - I think you may have achieved your goal. The color palette, lighting and impact achieved in the post-apocalyptic world you've created works well. If it were mine, I would probably consider cropping about 1/3 to 1/2 of the foreground of sand from the image. Panoramic sizing would not sacrifice the feeling of abandoned vastness and would eliminate some dead space that isn't contributing much to the overall image. I like how you continue to challenge yourself with Photoshop and it shows in the images you manipulate "for a bit of fun". Well done - Thanks for sharing.   Posted: 08/15/2022 20:46:53


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