Timothy Morton, APSA  

inside the GORE PARK FOUNDATION by Timothy Morton, APSA

July 2024 - inside the GORE PARK FOUNDATION

About the Image(s)

When in downtown Hamilton I walk by the foundation and don't see anything special expect in the summer of 2022 being HOT somewhere nice and cool.

Remember the assignment topic of Low Level, I shot inside the foundation at low level, and once opened the shot in and checked the Colour Balance and Colour Tint in Camera-in-the-RAW and once this right opened in my edition of Adobe Photoshop Elements where I applied the POLARIZE filter and re-sized to 687 x 1000 px to met the requirements of this URL.

Camera: Pentax K-70, with the Pentax 18-55 mm (at 40 mm) f 5.6, 1/125 of a second at ISO 100.


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