Diana Duffey  

Pink Cosmos by Diana Duffey

September 2023 - Pink Cosmos

September 2023 - Diana Duffey


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I planted cosmos outside our kitchen door… Took this image
with my Sony A7R4 and the Lensbaby Velvet 56+4 macro filter.
I used a tripod. I took imported the image into Lightroom and did some small adjustments. In PS, I removed some blemishes and removed some distractions. I evened out the background with a brush after I removed the distractions. The dark background is the outside wall of the house next door. Your comments are always appreciated.

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Donna Sturla   Donna Sturla
This is really nice, Diana. Lovely. You really are mastering your LensBaby, aren't you ! I'm wondering if you had used a regular lens, and gotten more of it in focus, if I would like it better. Not sure, of course. The petal closest to the camera lens, I think, would be better if the tips of the petal were in focus. That's probably why I don't like my LensBaby that much, I like things in focus !! But I do love this image. You did a really nice job and your exposure is great. I think the color of the background is nice, also.   Posted: 09/10/2023 22:34:40
Diana Duffey   Diana Duffey
Hello Donna, I am getting better shooting with Velvet 56, but still have a way to go! I wonder if my old eyes are making it more difficult to photograph with the lens. I see where that front petal is not in focus. I will keep shooting with the 56 and hope to improve. Thanks for your comments.   Posted: 09/16/2023 07:23:44

Meredith Bain   Meredith Bain
A pretty image Diana and you have removed the background distractions really well.
I wonder if the focus on that gorgeous flower could be sharp at the front and centre and gradually grade to soft towards the back to give the viewer a sense of depth. I have never used a lens baby so am not sure if it is possible with that particular lens.
I do like your minimalist approach so that the flower is the star of the show so to speak.   Posted: 09/11/2023 19:27:49
Diana Duffey   Diana Duffey
Hello Meredith, thank you for kind comments. I am going to keep shooting with the 56. Eventually, I will post an image that has the correct focus... I hope.   Posted: 09/16/2023 07:27:15


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