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Butterfly by Oliver Morton

July 2024 - Butterfly

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I took this photograph seven years ago in Brookside Gardens which is about 2 ½ miles from my house. The color of the butterfly was amazing. I also liked the fact that the small branch and butterfly were on a diagonal, which, to me, makes the image more dynamic. Processing was very basic and was done in Photoshop and Camera Raw. It entailed darkening the brighter areas in the background, but little else. Unfortunately, the original is not available.

Data: Canon 5D Mark IV; 100mm macro lens; 1/100 sec; f/2.8; ISO 100.

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Sophia Schade   Sophia Schade
Hi Pete, I like your butterfly photo.
I like the clean background. The wings are a bit soft but the face is very sharp.
If it was my photo I would flip it so the viewer will see the face first.
I would also darken the leaves so my eye is not going to those bright spots. Let me know what you think.   Posted: 07/01/2024 10:37:22

Oliver Morton   Oliver Morton
Thank you, Sophia. I love getting suggestions like yours. I attempted to make the modifications you mentioned. What do you think?

  Posted: 07/01/2024 11:19:52
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Sophia Schade   Sophia Schade
Here is how I flipped it. I also gave it a bit more space I do like your D&B better.   Posted: 07/01/2024 20:37:19
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Richard Siersma   Richard Siersma
Pete, this is a nice clean image of a butterfly without many distractions. Sophia's suggestions are spot-on and as a viewer, they have made a more impactful image.   Posted: 07/01/2024 15:27:31

Keisha Becerra   Keisha Becerra
What a stunning butterfly photo! I love the clean background, which really makes the butterfly pop and keeps the focus on its beautiful details. The sharpness of the face is impressive and adds a lot of character to the image. I agree with the suggested recomendations. Flip the image so that the viewer's eye is drawn to the face first. Additionally, darkening the leaves slightly could prevent attention from being pulled away by the brighter spots. Overall, it's a lovely and captivating shot!   Posted: 07/02/2024 17:08:54

Mark Burgess   Mark Burgess
Hi Pete
Great natural history image. I like the warm colors and the simple composition. The eyes are sharp but the softer areas should come up quite well in Topaz. So I tried that out and also darkened the rear-wards wing.   Posted: 07/02/2024 23:59:27
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David Price   David Price
Sorry to be negative but I think too much of the image is not sharp enough. The wings are very soft and for me this spoils the picture. You have focused on the head and this is good but I can't understand why you shot at ISO 100 and f/2.8. I think Mark has made a big improvement but like my squirrel this month it is difficult to rescue something well out of focus.   Posted: 07/04/2024 12:02:23

Jim Horn   Jim Horn
Pete, I like what you wanted to do with this magnificent butterfly. Mark's work helps this a great deal. You didn't share the original, so I wonder if you had to crop a lot to get this close-up? Jim   Posted: 07/11/2024 08:20:15


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