Barbara E Miller, HonPSA, MPSA, EFIAP  

I'm  Hungry by Barbara E Miller, HonPSA, MPSA, EFIAP

September 2023 - I'm Hungry

September 2023 - Barbara E Miller, HonPSA, MPSA, EFIAP


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I didn't do a lot to this image Darkened the BG and added the border since our dark BG is not my favourite way to show off our images, reversed it, thought it looked better that way. Added a catch light to his eye and sharpened it a little. Despite his dangerous attitude he is an outstanding creature

EF28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM S/N: ..
1/200 sec; f/5.6; ISO 400

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David Price   David Price
This is a stunning image Barbara. I think you have done a good job bringing out the textures and your crop is good. Adding the catchlight certainly adds to the image. I am not sure if I prefer the flipped version, I keep changing my mind. I am not a great fan of a completely black background I prefer a little detail although you have a lot of highlights which may be difficult to remove.   Posted: 09/01/2023 12:44:35

Mark Burgess   Mark Burgess
Hi Barbara, I love this and the edits you have done really develop it very well. I think that somehow you have brought out a luminosity in the creature that bring us in. One thing I found fascinating was there are no cues for scale in the image. For some reason I think of it being quite small, like a juvenile but not sure why. There is nothing to validate that. This is another enchanting aspect of the image. I am not seeing anything I could propose to improve it so not making any suggestions as to edits. I am in the camp of intuitively reading left to right (I suppose that is how we are educated) so agree with the flip.   Posted: 09/01/2023 18:48:52

Oliver Morton   Oliver Morton
Wow! This is wonderful. Although you may not have done a lot of post-processing, you did exactly what it needed. Although I agree with David about often liking a bit of detail in the background, this picture really works with black. Nicely done.   Posted: 09/02/2023 09:42:24

Richard Siersma   Richard Siersma
Barbara, I have to agree with Mark's and Pete's comments with respect to your editing. I think dark BG increased the separation between the BG and the subject. I also agree flipping the subject was the right choice.
  Posted: 09/04/2023 10:43:17

Jim Horn   Jim Horn
Barbara, the detail and lighting are exceptional. I like everything you did with post-processing. It absolutely needs a border with our black webpage and your black background. I'm not sure about the border you chose, with the "shadow" effect and not the same on the right side of the frame/border. The left white border is thinner than the top white border.
I think this border is to give the impression that the photo is raised above the white panel below - maybe it's in the corners. Jim   Posted: 09/04/2023 15:33:53

Sophia Schade   Sophia Schade
Nice image, having these creatures in our back yard almost everyday, I never get tired of looking at them. I agree with everything that has been said. Once small change. I like the original and would not had cropped it as much as you did. I personally like showing a bit more of the head/body.   Posted: 09/05/2023 03:06:39
Mark Burgess   Mark Burgess
So what is this creature that looks like an alligator but are common in your yard? Just assuming they are something a bit less intimidating   Posted: 09/06/2023 20:53:07
Sophia Schade   Sophia Schade
Yes, our home is on the largest lagoon in our community.. we have over 265 lagoons and each one has one or two of these big boys   Posted: 09/08/2023 10:30:22
Mark Burgess   Mark Burgess
Wow. They must enjoy BBQ   Posted: 09/08/2023 14:28:56
Mark Burgess   Mark Burgess
Wow. They must enjoy BBQ   Posted: 09/09/2023 03:22:44


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