Shirley Pohlman  

New River Gorge Bridge by Shirley Pohlman

July 2024 - New River Gorge Bridge

July 2024 - Shirley Pohlman


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This image is in the New River National Park near Fayetteville, West Virginia, in the Appalachian Mountains. Breathtaking views in the park and many colors depending on the time of day. I wanted it to look like I had first seen it with sunset colors. Shot with Nikon D610, 28-300 lens at 62mm, f/16, ¼ sec, ISO 100, aperture priority. Brought into Lightroom—various color adjustments and changed to my own sky in Photoshop. I wondered why we never heard of this when we lived in North Carolina (same region), but we moved from there in 1973. The bridge was opened in 1977.

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Martin Newland   Martin Newland
This is a wonderful shot of the bridge, showcasing the grandeur of the harsh engineered steel structure against a beautiful, natural backdrop. The lighting is warm and inviting, which enhances the tones of the foliage and the bridge itself.
Your drop in sky works well.
I like the composition, with the bridge creating a strong diagonal line through the frame, leading the eye from one side to the other.
The image is "tack sharp" and the bridge fills the whole frame. Well done!
  Posted: 07/03/2024 19:51:11

Tor Nenzen   Tor Nenzen
Awesome picture! The composition feels perfect and I like the foilage in the foreground too. The curves contrast against the straight lines in an interesting way. I far prefer your original - both because it looks real and because there is an interesting contrast between the cool greens/blues and the warm orange. Love it.   Posted: 07/04/2024 12:12:38

Jim Wulpi   Jim Wulpi
Great capture, Shirley.
I'm an advocate for artistic expression with the camera - and post processing. The dropped-in sky and the treatment you've given to the bridge and forest has a painterly look to it in late day light. I love the diagonals and geometry of the bridge in contrast to the nature-made trees and gorge. I'm also impressed that you included sprigs of nearby pine branches along the right side for a foreground element.
It's a beauty!   Posted: 07/05/2024 10:46:42

Karen Botvin   Karen Botvin
What a great bridge capture! I have also been to this location and shot the bridge. The morning that I arrived here, the bridge was in so much fog, one couldn't even see the bridge from this location. I left and went to Babcock to shoot the water mill there then came back. I would love to go back again in the fall for the colors. I like that in your image the bridge comes in at the top right and more of the bridge is shown. I like your drop-in sky but would desaturate it a bit as I find the color taking away from the beauty of the bridge. Very nice image!   Posted: 07/05/2024 14:15:18

Piers Blackett   Piers Blackett
Great angle and capture! I hope it was a safe spot! I like the dropped in sky and distant skyline but agree with Karen that it comes on a bit too strong. The main lighting on the bridge appears to be behind you and to the left making the sunset unsynchronized with the light source. Desaturating could help but not sure. Perhaps a more uniform sky choice would help.   Posted: 07/05/2024 14:38:00

Terri Adcock
Whilst I understand your wish to reflect the colours and the vibrancy of the bridge in situ I have to ask have you thought about a mono conversion? A mono conversion would make it all about the bridge and its shape and form ...   Posted: 07/07/2024 02:02:10


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