Terri Adcock  

 Female Kestrel with Prey by Terri Adcock

July 2024 - Female Kestrel with Prey

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I'm just back from a shoot So I've sent sent a very new one this month
Canon 1DX2 Canon EF 600mm f/4L IS II USM
1/1250 a f/4 ISO 640

A small crop and texture brush applied to bird
Warmed up a little and a slight darken of the perch

I wanted the tail feathers in the shot but as they are bright they can be distracting, so I chose a shallower depth of field. This may not be to everyone's taste, I know.

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Shirley Pohlman   Shirley Pohlman
A kestrel with a mouse in its mouth won best of show in our club's print competition last fall. I feel you got everything just right with your CATCH. The pose--even the victim's pose and color coordinate with the kestrel. The f/4 resulted in a perfect bokeh for the background. The detail of the feathers is beautiful, and I have no problem with the blurred tail feathers. To me it looks more natural. Nice catch--both of you!   Posted: 07/03/2024 15:36:05

Martin Newland   Martin Newland
Terri, Once again you have come up with a wonderful nature image.
The kestrel and it's prey are both "tack sharp" and perfectly exposed. The softer tail feathers don't worry me as they lead me off into the even softer background.
The colour palette is great and your timing is perfect
Well done, this is a lovely image, even though the subject might be a little gruesome.   Posted: 07/03/2024 19:37:51

Karen Botvin   Karen Botvin
Timing is everything‚Ķand you managed a great shot just before the Kestrel feasts on its prey. The details on both birds are spot on and I agree with others that the tail feathers are fine as is. Your creamy green background is a real plus for this image. Nicely done!   Posted: 07/05/2024 14:34:53

Jim Wulpi   Jim Wulpi
Great capture, Terri.
Although I understand aspects of the circle of life in nature, and have been growing and evolving as a birder, I was disappointed to see that the Kestrel's prey was another bird. I would have preferred it to be a mouse or snake.
The overall image looks a bit light to me, so, if it were mine, I'd try darkening the overall exposure.   Posted: 07/05/2024 14:37:55

Piers Blackett   Piers Blackett
Great image. I agree with Jim. Try using the effects sliders - just a little use of the clarity and texture sliders might do it, but watch out for inducing noise and artefacts in the background which can be managed I think.   Posted: 07/05/2024 16:04:04

Piers Blackett   Piers Blackett
I think the caught bird is a female Baltimore Oriole? amazing they stop at nothing!   Posted: 07/07/2024 18:11:34


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