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A Casual View by Robert Knight

September 2021 - A Casual View

September 2021 - Robert Knight


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This was taken at the Victoria and Albert Museum in Dundee, Scotland. It is a remarkable building which is built like a ship and is a museum of Scottish design amongst other things. The lady was viewing and I liked the contrast between what she was wearing and the fashions on display. It was a tricky shot to get because of other exhibits in the way but I got my shot and then used the crop and transform tools in Photoshop to get a more pleasing picture. Taken with a Nikon 7200, ISO 2500, 15mm, f4.5 at 1/13 sec

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Stuart Ord   Stuart Ord
(Groups 64 & 95)
A super street photograph, Bob, I love it. Can I be picky and say "pity about her lost feet"? But the subject and excellent post processing to straighten the perspective gives this great impact. Some of the blue reflections are a bit eye-catching if you have the patience on a long winter evening....   Posted: 09/05/2021 02:32:04

Bob Wills   Bob Wills
Hi Robert,
This image is really eye-catching. It has that old time feel. The lady is an added benefit and gives size relationship to the display. Excellent work on the transform, even if her feet are cropped, which can still be fixed with the right image (or stock photo.) I cropped her more! I worked quickly in LRCC to remove the light reflections in the window, which does help as Stuart mentioned. Color, clarity, and tone are all well done. Excellent work, Robert.   Posted: 09/06/2021 16:27:15
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Robert Knight   Robert Knight
Thanks Bob. I like the way you have uncluttered the image by taking away the reflections of the lights. I will have a go at introducing some feet and extending the canvas at the bottom.   Posted: 09/08/2021 16:55:52

Zina Mirsky   Zina Mirsky
Yes, this is a captivating image! I like the added crop that Bob did. The way he left some of the light reflections works very well as it cleans the distractions. The tone is quite authentic for the place and it makes me want to lower my voice inside the museum!   Posted: 09/06/2021 17:34:22


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