Bob Wills  

Point Wilson Lighthouse  by Bob Wills

July 2021 - Point Wilson Lighthouse

July 2021 - Bob Wills


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We were visiting Fort Warden State Park near Pt Townsend, WA and even though it was getting ready for a downpour-who'd believe it rains in WA- we decided to walk out to the point and take some photos. Kind of a standard travel shot, but I like Lighthouses and decided to enter it here. Nikon D800, 24-70 mm lens at 70 mm, 1/30 sec @ f11, ISO 100. Tripod, no Fill Flash. Cropped in LR, then processed, tone, cool color, clarity and added radial spot in PS.

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Zina Mirsky   Zina Mirsky
I very much enjoy this for the crisp color of the lighthouse and the sky. Yet again I'll be better educated when I read about 'adding radial spot' and look forward to that. The crop is effective on the left side as you're viewing the picture, but I think more could have been left on the right side. It looks as if the lighthouse is about to nudge its way out of the picture, as close to the edge as it is.   Posted: 07/10/2021 12:49:50
Bob Wills   Bob Wills
Thanks, Zina, I used a standard 4x5 crop for printing, but I think I used the 1024x780 crop for this posting. I agree I didn't do well on the crop for DD98.   Posted: 07/10/2021 14:19:27
Zina Mirsky   Zina Mirsky
You have again educated me - I will get brought up to speed on how to refer to cropping! Thanks!   Posted: 07/10/2021 15:27:27

Tom Gainer   Tom Gainer
Nice picture, Bob. I feel that it may be cropped too tightly on the right side. It looks like the yellow cast in the original photo was due to your white balance settings.   Posted: 07/22/2021 22:13:11