Julia Parrish  

Red-bellied woodpecker by Julia Parrish

November 2023 - Red-bellied woodpecker

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This is a red-bellied woodpecker that I took in a friend's backyard. I liked this one because I like the vines that are on the tree. So many of my photos of woodpeckers just show the tree bark and I think the vines added to this photo.

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Kathleen Sewell   Kathleen Sewell
I also have photos of woodpeckers on tree bark and love the added interest of vines. The small green leaves nicely complement the woodpeckers stunning red cap. I might remove a few of the vertical 'twigs', especially near its head. Gorgeous image!   Posted: 11/07/2023 18:49:24

Jim Overfield   Jim Overfield
(Group 9)
Great pose of a woodpecker in its natural setting with the vines and tree, little bit of green leaf and soft bokeh make this a great image. My personal preference would be to make little local adjustments to the bird to create a little more separation between the bird and the tree. Very nice image Julia.   Posted: 11/07/2023 19:13:34

Hans-Werner Griepentrog   Hans-Werner Griepentrog
(Group 59)
Hi Julia, a very nice photo of the woodpecker in its natural environment. The vines on the tree give the woodpecker photo something special. Well done.   Posted: 11/19/2023 04:39:17

Roy Lockwood   Roy Lockwood
I have struggled with great pictures as is your woodpecker but not happy with the background I could not avoid. I have been playing with Photoshop AI generative fill. The is the result when asking the background to be "Magical Forest."   Posted: 11/29/2023 15:11:37
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Roy Lockwood   Roy Lockwood
here is "Fantasy forest". These images beg the question of how PSA and other photo organizations are going to handle AI   Posted: 11/29/2023 15:21:27
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