Emily Kawasaki  

Erie Canal Lock 28B by Emily Kawasaki

October 2021 - Erie Canal Lock 28B

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This image was taken at Erie Canal Lock 28B in in Newark, NY. The photo was taken at 7:01pm ET on August 17, 2021. It shows the lock in the foreground, and the silhouette of the trees and sunset sky in the background. The photo was taken with my Sony a5000 and Sony FE1.8/50mm Lens. The ISO is 100, exposure time is 1/640 sec., the f stop is 1.8, and the focal length is 50mm. Post-processing edits in Luminar AI were a slight decrease in highlights, white, and vibrance, as well as a slight increase in AI sky enhancer, small details, and golden hour.

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Robert Atkins   Robert Atkins
Hi Emily. Your image has a nice combination of the sunset colors and the shadowed graphic forms in the metal lock superstructures. I also like the red light, which I am not sure whether you were deliberately center-piecing, but it seems to have some story with it, like "end of day, time to stop operations". It also is consistent with the bottom part of the image being dark, and it seemingly saying "stop since you can't see well enough to proceed."

I think overall though that dark bottom part of the image doesn't work so well. Unlike the shadowed superstructures which we can see well enough to understand what they are, I keep wanting to see into the bottom region and see what is going on. Do you have any room in the exposure to bring up the shadows there and bring back some detail? If not, this is perhaps a time that blending two different exposures might help.

A small thing, but I also think there is something about the sky color that seems a bit off or pushed too far. And I am not sure whether this is real or your processing, but there seems to be more saturation above the metal structure than below it. Perhaps AI sky enhancer failing on the AI?   Posted: 10/09/2021 15:16:02

Bob Wills   Bob Wills
Hi Emily, I grew up with the history of the Erie Canal (and a song) but have never been there. I think Bob A. is correct that there is a story in the silhouetted image that is good.

I may lose your story by opening up the shadows, but I think it matches the title better. You'll be the judge of course. I also worked on the upper sky too, as I think Bob is correct that the blue may be pushed too far. I did my edits in LR but I'm sure the same adjustments are available in Luminar.

Really a nice image that may just need some work to up it a level.   Posted: 10/09/2021 15:44:06
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