Hi, my name is Cheryl Lalonde. I am a pharmacist, but I have always enjoyed taking pictures for as long as I can remember. I used the automatic mode on every camera I owned until 2016 when I visited a photography gallery with many large, beautiful landscape prints. That was when I was truly inspired and began learning what it would take to print such large, perfectly composed images with beautiful color and clarity.
I am constantly learning and believe that as soon as I begin to think I know enough, that is when I need to reassess my skills. It will be at that point that I will find out, I really know next to nothing. Photography is a vast and changing field. I know that I will never learn enough and my style and expertise in the craft will evolve and change continually.
My first passion is landscape photography, but I do enjoy drop photography, macro photography and some portrait photography. For me photography is an adventure. It gives me a reason me to explore our beautiful world, reconnect with nature and capture those moments in time. I try to capture beautiful moments in time so that they can be enjoyed again and again. I share these moments on my website at www.cheryllalonde.com.