Judy Haran  

Water Lily by Judy Haran

January 2022 - Water Lily

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This is a lily at the local aquarium, I don't know what kind. The light was harsh, but I could get up close.
Nikon D750, Nikon f/1/8 50mm lens, f/4, ss 1/1250, ISO 100.

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Donald Dunn   Donald Dunn
Great image considering the "harsh light" circumstances. You might try recomposing, moving the bloom into the lower right corner, rotate the image counter clockwise a few degrees, and cropping significantly more.   Posted: 01/11/2022 10:46:08
Judy Haran   Judy Haran
Thank you. Here is the original.   Posted: 01/11/2022 16:02:42
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Judy Haran   Judy Haran
As per your suggestion. Thanks.   Posted: 01/11/2022 16:07:09
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Peter Dominowski   Peter Dominowski
Agree with all of Don's suggestions, but it appears that your revised crop may be cutting off a flower petal on the right side of the photo.   Posted: 01/16/2022 09:44:16

Sherry Icardi   Sherry Icardi
Harsh light is tough to deal with, but the flowers are beautiful. I really like it in the lower left. Makes for a little more interesting composition. I like the shadows from the center of the flower. It gives it more depth. Under the lighting circumstances you did a really nice job!   Posted: 01/20/2022 15:18:16


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