Neil Bellenie  

Joshua Tree by Neil Bellenie

September 2023 - Joshua Tree

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Joshua Tree National Park is hard to capture in a few pictures. It ranges from rocky outcrops to flat regions. In this picture you can see how the flat regions rise to the rocky outcrops and then snow topped mountains.
Canon M6, EF-M15-45 at 45. ISO100, 1/200th at F/11.

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Ed O’Rourke   Ed O’Rourke
I've been to Joshua Tree and I agree with you regarding how hard it is to capture in pictures; however I think this photo does pretty good. I think you have captured a sense of the vastness of the area and its desert nature. For me the colors work well with the yellow brown of the foreground and the plain brown of the hills in the background against the blue of the sky. I like your composition with the trees in the foreground standing out and then with their trunks taking my eye up into the top of the frame so I can appreciate the way the scene goes deep.   Posted: 09/17/2023 13:39:56


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