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Pretty, but a Pest by Ed O’Rourke

June 2021 - Pretty, but a Pest

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This isn't quite a ". . . scape" photo but I'm hoping you will cut me a little slack. While hiking in one of our forests here I came across this Scotch Broom on the edge of a clearing. The Oregon Dept. of Forestry (and especially the timber industry) this a pest to be eliminated, but I think it does have a pretty flower. It is one of the first shrubs to bloom so it can be considered a harbinger of spring.

Not much post processing. I did work on sharpening it a bit and I did try to increase the EV some, as I'm usually dealing with low light situations in our forest. I did crop in a bit to highlight the blooms in the center.

I shot this with my Canon R, aperture 4.5 so I could blur the background, shutter speed 1/125 and ISO of 1600.

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Michael Nath   Michael Nath
This image is nicely balanced between the flowers in sharp focus in the foreground to one side and the out of focus flowers behind and to the opposite side. Well done Ed.   Posted: 06/14/2021 22:05:35

Paul Smith   Paul Smith
This seems like such a lovely flower to be placed on the "hit list". I agree with Michael...great focus on the foreground element, and good contrast with the green stems. Remind me , again, why you are drawn to high ISO settings!   Posted: 06/17/2021 15:50:56


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