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We Love Rescuing People by Chuck Carstensen

May 2023 - We Love Rescuing People

May 2023 - Chuck Carstensen


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A group of search and rescue volunteers were having a training session. I like the mans animation and emotion while telling the main instructor a story of what he went through. Fujifilm XPro3, 60 mm, ISO 1600, Auto exposure 1/800 at f5.6. Cloudy day. I chose the Film Simulation version processed in camera which is Fujifilm Acros and a red filter.

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Beth Payne   Beth Payne
Very nice! I also like the animation and emotion. There's a lot going on in the background. I wonder if an even more shallow depth of field would improve the photo. I like the B&W vs color.   Posted: 05/09/2023 09:46:52

Chuck Carstensen   Chuck Carstensen
Thanks, Beth. The mans positive emothin is what interested me. Probably could have used a larger f/stop. I never thought about it, though.   Posted: 05/09/2023 11:26:53
Lou McLove   Lou McLove
When you are trying to capture an image it can be difficult to remember everything, DOF, focus, etc. For me, good composition and focus and primary.   Posted: 05/10/2023 10:56:30

Susan Robinson   Susan Robinson
The black and white image really draws attention to the man's face. He has a few lines, which helps to "make" the scene. It makes one wonder what he is pointing at. The two men really stand out. The black and white version looks more interesting than the colour version.   Posted: 05/10/2023 07:39:07

Lou McLove   Lou McLove
I agree with the others, I think that this is a good story telling image. The main subject seems pretty excited and animated, to me that is the story. Well done.   Posted: 05/10/2023 10:58:10

Chuck Carstensen   Chuck Carstensen
Many thanks. I do not walk very far these days and use a cane. Therefore, I stop and park somewhere and wait for something interesting to happen. I was standing near the river leaning on a fence and saw this event breaking up. This didn't last too long and I was lucky to capture about a dozen shots. I liked this one the best. Here he is in the water. I shot 478 images.   Posted: 05/10/2023 15:22:37
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Susan Robinson   Susan Robinson
I say, we were told exactly the same thing by one of our leading club photographers. He said that if we are out taking photos of birds, for example, we should wait for something to happen. I did that the other day and caught a quick photo of an Egret catching a fish. I was tickled pink.   Posted: 05/23/2023 00:05:11
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Marianne Barnhardt   Marianne Barnhardt
Hi Chuck! Finally back in! Love your capture. I know these guys and they are true life savers. I watched them save someone once and they were as calm with a sense of humor. Great capture of reality!!   Posted: 05/24/2023 07:03:56


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