Marianne Barnhardt  

Adobes Park by Marianne Barnhardt

October 2021 - Adobes Park

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This is a photo I took last winter. The library had just opened and I had seen this man against the wall outside in the doorway covered up. When I sat down with my little Samsung pocket camera he was across from me. I was taken with how he rolled his blanket, his shoe was taped and clean, and he was reading the paper like anyone who had gotten out of bed that morning. The libraries have been open to the homeless for as long as I remember. They usually are the first in, go directly to the restroom and wash up then spend the rest of the day in the library reading until it is time to go back on the street.

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Jill Edwards   Jill Edwards
Great image but a little soft you haven't included technical details but I'm thinking slow shutter speed due to low light, if so try increasing your iso in these situations. I have just sharped it and increased clarity a bit which I think helps, what do you think?   Posted: 10/14/2021 01:39:59
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