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Family Fun on the Lake by Chuck Carstensen

June 2021 - Family Fun on the Lake

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At Taviwach Park, Montrose, Colorado I caught this family with their kayaks and paddle boards having a great time in perfect weather. No one paid attention to me as I photographed from the shoreline. Fujifilm XPro2 with a 23 mm lens set on automatic exposure. Metadata says ISO 2000, 1/2400 th, f/14, Fujifilm Velvia Film Simulation in camera.

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Albert Lee   Albert Lee
The photo is well composed. The boat ramp and the rocks make great leading lines. I just find the boat ramp a little bit over powering so I made a little adjustment by cropping and reducing the brightness.   Posted: 06/09/2021 22:28:26
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Brandon Montgomery   Brandon Montgomery
I like the composition and also how the ramp serves as a guide for the image with the leading lines. The scene is also well captured.   Posted: 06/10/2021 08:03:46

Marianne Barnhardt   Marianne Barnhardt
What a great way to capture kayaking fun! It looks like such an enjoyable day. I love the colors Chuck and the different ways the yaks are facing. Reminds me a little of a Rockwell. Great job!   Posted: 06/14/2021 16:54:15

Chuck Carstensen   Chuck Carstensen
Thanks guys for the comments. It was a fun shot to make. The mom on the lake spotted me and continued to ignore me.   Posted: 06/15/2021 16:41:52

Lou McLove   Lou McLove
Nice image Chuck. I like what Albert did with the boat ramp, I think it focuses my eye more on the important part of the scene. I like the composition and vibrant colors.   Posted: 06/18/2021 10:32:56


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