Sanat Kumar Karmakar  

Black Headed Ibis With A Snake by Sanat Kumar Karmakar

November 2023 - Black Headed Ibis With A Snake

November 2023 - Sanat Kumar Karmakar


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SUBJECT: BLACK-HEADED IBIS WITH A SNAKE Camera: NIKON D 7200, Tamron lens100-400 mm
Lens Focal Length: 380 mm, ISO 800, shutter speed: 1/2000, f/11, M Mode, spot metering. LOCATION: Mangalajodi on Chilika Lake in Odisha Dist of India. Mangalajodi is an Imporant Flyways Destination for Migratory Birds. Mangalajodi village is approximately an hour and a half southwest of Bhubaneshwar in Odisha, in Khurda district. Birds at Mangalajodi in Odisha. Every year, millions of migratory birds traverse the same north-south routes across the world, known as flyways, between breeding and wintering grounds. Brackish Chilika Lake, in Odisha, is the largest wintering ground for migratory birds in the Indian Subcontinent. The serene wetlands at Mangalajodi, on the northern edge of Chilika Lake, attract a substantial proportion of these birds. However, what's really exceptional is how unusually close-up you get to see them! In recognition of Chilika Lake's importance as a haven for migratory birds, the United Nations World Tourism Organization listed it under its Destination Flyways project in 2014. This project aims to harness bird-related tourism to help conserve migratory birds, and at the same time support local communities. In 2018, Mangalajodi Eco Tourism Trust (the local community owned and managed wildlife conservation venture) won the prestigious United Nations World Tourism Organisation Award for Innovation in Tourism Enterprise. Tourists can also lean about the migratory birds in detail at the renovated Mangalajodi Bird Interpretation Center. Editing: I used PS CS 2022 to edit the frame, by a desktop computer 64 bit, Windows 11. I used adobe camera raw 15.5 filters for clarity of the image, enhanced shadow details, managed brightness and exposure. I used Topaz DeNoise AI to reduce noise. I have a good collection of birds of Mangalajodi and like to submit gradually in near future.

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Bruce Benson   Bruce Benson
Sunat, I have notice that your photographic style is different from mine, you show more of the environment where I try to get in close showing the details of the animal. My main lens is an 800 mm which gives a close up of the subject with a blurred background. Your style is very nice, telling a story about what the subject is living in. The snake in your image really adds interest. Thanks for sharing your part of the world with it's varied wildlife. Bruce   Posted: 11/07/2023 21:15:17

Adrian Binney   Adrian Binney
Well captured Sunat! I assume the Ibis was successful in the capture of this snake, which makes the image. As Bruce said, you have left much of the landscape around the pair visible: it do wonder whether a tighter crop would allow the viewer to enjoy more detail of the action here and the landscape is not that interesting in this instance. I would be inclined to crop from the top to the top of the dark green grasses and the sides. Your f11 settings leaves much of the background in focus which in this instance isn't adding anything. You clearly have the skill to expose successfully in manual mode, but this is one occasion that speed priority would have delivered a narrower depth of field and lower ISO.

Great image though with interest.   Posted: 11/10/2023 08:07:16

Jerry Biddlecom   Jerry Biddlecom
The subject of this image being the bird and its capture, I wonder if you could have gotten a bit lower so as to have the lighter part of your picture serving as the background for the head, and then crop in. To me, the interaction of the bird and snake is more important and interesting for the composition than most of the landscape. As it is, the bird is somewhat lost in background.   Posted: 11/12/2023 08:24:36

Steve Cole   Steve Cole
Nice capture ... sure it would have been nice if in a more pleasing environment ... but hey you did a nice job with what was available. Perhaps a tighter crop and play with making the background lighter or a blur?   Posted: 11/14/2023 07:24:46