Gary Oehrle  

Bird of Paradise by Gary Oehrle

January 2022 - Bird of Paradise

January 2022 - Gary Oehrle


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This results starts with same as November of 2021

I use a Canon T5I with a Super Color IR (590nm) filter from LivePixel. My IR images are uploaded using the Canon
EOS Utility and viewed in Canon's Digital Photo Professional 4 where the White Balance is checked.

Converted to a .TIFF file using Digital Photo Professional 4 and then loaded into Photoshop where Colors are swapped and using Adjustment/curves followed by specific saturation adjustment to red, yellow, blue. Lastly the exposure and gamma correction are manipulated

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Henry Heerschap   Henry Heerschap
I like this a great deal. The crop works really well, and the color processing gives it a certain "alien" look. Well done.   Posted: 01/11/2022 14:29:06

Chuck Nauman   Chuck Nauman
Beautiful image, Gary. It glows.   Posted: 01/14/2022 17:21:47


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