Margaret Frazer  

Scarborough Bluffs by Margaret Frazer

July 2021 - Scarborough Bluffs

About the Image(s)

This is a favourite spot close to the city--Scarborough Bluffs. I photographed with my Canon Mark 1V 24-105 lens ISO 100 1/40th of a sec F22. I cropped top and bottom because there really wasn't anything except blue sky at the top and uninteresting lower portion

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Dhananjay Rao   Dhananjay Rao
In these images, I love the interplay of the skies, foreground, and background. In this specific image - the sky is bright blue but some clouds would have been interesting. The back/mid-ground - the rocky hill is nice and bright too but seems to miss the whole drama. Foreground greens and water are not wow, but definitely help to hold the image.
Loved this image and was inspired by it.

  Posted: 07/17/2021 21:46:05