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Great Falls Virginia by Quang Phan

May 2023 - Great Falls Virginia

May 2023 - Quang Phan


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I have taken pictures of Great Falls many times, but on this particular occasion, I had to use a hand-held long exposure because I didn't bring my tripod. During mid-spring, the color of the water is brown due to the heavy rain. However, the waterfall rarely slows down. During editing, I used ACR to work on the curve and adjust the contrast and some basic features. The parameters I used were: Focal length - 12mm (equivalent to 24mm in 35mm format), Exposure - 1/4 sec, f/22 aperture, and ISO 200.

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Charles Walker   Charles Walker
Quang Phan, you have a steady hand: Good detail despite the slow shutter speed. I like the way you saved the sky and brought out the colors in the foliage. The "S" bend in the river leads the viewer into the image. Good work.   Posted: 05/08/2023 20:43:29
Quang Phan   Quang Phan
Thanks Charles. On Olympus camera, the ND filters are built in (ND4-ND32) so it is very convienient for travel and for long exposure photos.   Posted: 05/10/2023 08:27:23

Mark Fox   Mark Fox
Quang Phan: You have taken a grey, overcast Spring day and made it into a beautiful photo image. It is nicely balanced and easy for the viewer to be drawn in. Your work in bringing out the colors and details of the foliage and the sky, as well as the rushing water, is great. May I ask what model Olympus you used?
Mark   Posted: 05/20/2023 10:07:20
Quang Phan   Quang Phan
Hi Mark, the olympus model I used is EM-1 Mark III. It is a Micro 4/3 camera and very light for travel. Thanks   Posted: 05/30/2023 17:27:38

Trey Foerster   Trey Foerster
Wonderful DOF and you straightened the original image horizon line. The flow of the water gives an abstract contrast to the rock and the tree line gives that dark-light contrast for the sky, which is well done. The inclusion of the rock edge at bottom right is excellent.   Posted: 05/27/2023 11:34:42