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Clouds floating in the sea before the rain by Quang Phan

August 2022 - Clouds floating in the sea before the rain

August 2022 - Quang Phan


August 2022 - Quang Phan

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August 2022 - Quang Phan

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The weather forecast said rain outside of Virginia Beach, but it was sunny and cloudy due to air pressure while we were there at 4:55 PM. At that time, the clouds were very beautiful but very appeared on the way back from shore. The subject of the photo is the clouds. I intentionally leave a a tiny image of a person to create an interrest at the end of leading line. (I used Adobe Camera Raw to increase the highlights of the clouds, although it was too obvious. In Camera Raw, I used Sky Selection and reduced Highlight, increased Contrast, White. There are still many parameters to change, please see the picture on the right. Thank you. (Note: Using HDR in the device can have quite similar results.)

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Charles Walker   Charles Walker
Quang Phan, clouds are so subject-worthy. You captured some dynamic ones. I like what you did to create HDR-like results. Keeping the figure allows the viewer to assess the size and power of the clouds. Nice work.   Posted: 08/08/2022 14:35:20

Rich James   Rich James
Quang, you and I seem to have the same theme working for us this week! What a beautiful cloud formation, very dynamic, but this thing that catches the eye, as small as it is, is the figure with the red towel. It's what makes this image so unique, seeing the person (a woman I take it) stare off into the clouds. She also adds perspective to the size of the clouds. Well done.   Posted: 08/08/2022 17:42:05


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