Rich James  

Morning on the Mendenhall Glacier by Rich James

January 2022 - Morning on the Mendenhall Glacier

January 2022 - Rich James


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Happy New Years all. Shot this a few years ago when cruising Alaska. (If you have never done so it’s the best scenic cruise in the world. Liked it so much we did it twice!). Took a helicopter up to the top of the Mendenhall and got to explore. Since I had the largest camera I got the seat with the window that opened - what a view. This was one of the shots and because the sun was in direct path it was overblown in places. Hard to rectify but here’s my best try by cropping, pulling out highlights, increasing color saturation, etc. all in Luminar 4. It was shot at 26 mm, F11 and 1/500th sec and 100 ISO.

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Charles Walker   Charles Walker
Rich, I can image the scene in which you too this shot. Only from a plane could you get such an angle, but also you are at the mercy of the pilot. You did amazing work reducing the overexposed areas and brought out the texture, details and color in other areas. The sky is good too, but would a replaced sky help?   Posted: 01/04/2022 21:34:27

John Kelly   John Kelly
Having been to the Mendenhall Glacier several years ago and flown over I know how difficult it was to get this quality photo. You have dealt with the lighting problems in a spectacular way.   Posted: 01/16/2022 11:13:36


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