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Outback Selfie by Charles Walker

January 2022 - Outback Selfie

January 2022 - Charles Walker


About the Image(s)

This is a photograph of a tourist taking a selfie with her iPhone in the desolate Central Highlands of
Iceland, often referred to as the Outback of Iceland. As you can see, other than cropping, straightening
the horizon line and deepening the blues in the sky not much else was done in processing. Camera data:
Nikon Z7ii, f/16, 1/250, 16mm, ISO=64.

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Louis Lo   Louis Lo
Hi Charles, I like this kind of simple photo that linkup more associations and stories, beautiful sky and clouds movement, good photo

  Posted: 01/11/2022 02:40:45

John Kelly   John Kelly
Hi Charles,
A very clean and simple photo that is supremely appealing because of its nature. The color scheme is excellent and the placement of the car and person are tops. The only thing I would say that could improve the photo would be a red car, that was not a possibility. It looks like a photo that a car manufacturer would love to use in an advertisement. Great job.
  Posted: 01/12/2022 12:55:38


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