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Neighborhoods Christmas Lights by Quang Phan

January 2022 - Neighborhoods Christmas Lights

January 2022 - Quang Phan


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This picture I took at neighborhood. This house intentionally decorated Christmas lights for funding a meaningful charity group. This place was shown in a local newspaper. I took this picture (and others) with zooming technique. This is how I took it: 1. Take a test photo as normal long exposure on tripod (example 3 seconds). 2. Take real photo and zoom the lens in at the last second (example: 2 seconds still then 1 second to zoom in). For post processing, I did not doing much, just do Auto adjust by ACR. The parameters for this photo are : Focal length: 15mm, Expose: 3 sec, f16, iso 100, manual focus

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Louis Lo   Louis Lo
Hi Quang, It's a good technique of zoom pushing, show a rich Christmas mood. I just comment the sharpness seems not enough.   Posted: 01/11/2022 02:48:07

John Kelly   John Kelly
Hi Quang,
A very strong colorful and exciting Christmas photo in which you display some interesting proficiency with zoom photos. For me to try to tell you how to improve would be like me telling Ansel Adams how to print a photo of the Grand Canyon.
This is a photo that anyone can enjoy viewing no matter their age. Everything in it shows good aspects of Christmas time. And, believe me, we need happiness at this point. Hope you had a Joyous New Year.   Posted: 01/11/2022 09:35:52

Charles Walker   Charles Walker
Quang, this is a wild and fun image. The zooming added yet another level of engery to an already hot image. You transformed a frequently seen seasonal display into a very intriguing abstract image. Very creative!   Posted: 01/11/2022 10:49:10


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