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The Gator by Jennifer Marano

May 2022 - The Gator

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This photo is from my recent trip to Florida. It was not a designated photo trip and I did not want to hold up the other group members, so I rented a Sony RX 10 Mark iv, which is a bridge camera with a lens that shot from 24 to 600 mm equivalent. I shot in Jpeg, but was still able to edit in lightroom and convert to B&W in Silver Effects Pro. I messed up the settings, somehow, because I tried to set it to shoot certain parameters in memory, but didn’t do it correctly. This image was taken from an air boat in the Everglades, and in spite of the settings, it is one of my favorites!

F/5.6; ISO-500; 1/1000 sec; 60 mm (I think that means 60 mm equivalent)

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Cindy Smith   Cindy Smith
I can see why it is one of your favorites! All the different textures! You really have to look to see the gator in the picture. I am amazed at the creativity of all of the group! Inspiration!!!   Posted: 05/03/2022 15:44:41
Jennifer Marano   Jennifer Marano
Thank you, Cindy! I've been collecting photos I call abstract reality for a while now. Mostly they are not intentional, just fun surprises I find when I get my photos onto my computer.   Posted: 05/03/2022 15:55:21
Cindy Smith   Cindy Smith
Very cool!   Posted: 05/03/2022 17:00:19

Steven Jungerwirth   Steven Jungerwirth
Nice image . . . had to look twice to be sure I knew what I was seeing. The textures are great and I find it interesting that the water above the alligator appears different from the water below. Perhaps caused by your boat passing on one side?

The B&W is perfect. Have you tried toning to introduce a bit of color? If possible, I'd consider leaving more space in front of the alligator (it's nose is a bit close to the edge) and flipping it so he's swimming left to right.

Another thought is to consider a 16:9 aspect ratio, that may work better with a very narrow/horizontal image. So many options!

Sounds like a fun trip!
  Posted: 05/04/2022 05:20:43
Jennifer Marano   Jennifer Marano
Thanks for the suggestions! I tried a few: couldn't do anything about the space in front of the gator, but I tried the 16x9 aspect ratio and flipping horizontally. I'll try the color toning if I can figure it out. Here is what I get so far:   Posted: 05/04/2022 11:23:20
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Dale Yates   Dale Yates
Great image! The black & white conversion is perfect. I like the detail of both the alligator and the surrounding water. The suggestions by Steven are excellent and what you provided in response is very good as well. This photo forces me to think and learn, and I appreciate that!   Posted: 05/10/2022 08:21:20
Jennifer Marano   Jennifer Marano
Thanks, Dale!   Posted: 05/10/2022 08:57:44

Will Korn   Will Korn
Each little ripple in the water looks like a mini-alligator. I like it.   Posted: 05/11/2022 20:39:23
Jennifer Marano   Jennifer Marano
Cool way to see it! Thanks! Now I will see that every time I look at it.
  Posted: 05/11/2022 21:55:32

Chan Garrett   Chan Garrett
By converting the image to B&W and adding a large amount of contrast you have turned the image into a very near abstract image. Good. The gator is there, but it takes a moment of looking to find him. The image contains a great amount of black and white, but not many grays. The one thing that bothers me is that the bright ripples on the bottom half, and especially on the left side are so large and bright that my eyes are continually drawn from the gator to that bright area.
A very interesting image.   Posted: 05/13/2022 12:11:54

Lance Lewin   Lance Lewin
Happy Sunday, Jennifer!

As Chan mentioned, the Abstract feel goes well with the subject; where the water is closely resembling the gators body....very interesting! Yes, 16x9 is well suited for this shot...I also suggest, if the original allows it, more open water in front of the gator.

Great work with limited tools!   Posted: 05/15/2022 11:17:00


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